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free Mini email courseAre you just getting started taking portraits of your loved ones?  Do you need help?  We have created a free mini email course just for you! Sign up below for free.

With our DIYPortrait email course, we will send you a new short lesson every day for seven days! In these daily lessons we cover the basic knowledge you need to get started.

These are not lessons that will take a lot of time investment from you.  We took some basic DIY Portrait knowledge and compacted it into seven short email lessons.  We have families too, we know you are just as busy as we are and we respect your time.  Don’t let life get in the way, try it now for free!

This mini email course will teach you the basics of portrait photography and how to get great pictures of your friends and family without breaking your pocketbook.

No need to bring a photographer to the next family gathering, learn how to take great portraits of everyone now!  Don’t miss those moments again!

Subjects covered are:


Seeing Types of Light

Location Scouting

Portrait Basics

And Much  More….

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