Get A Real Job With The Right Business/Executive Portrait

So you have been trying for that dream job for a couple of years now and all you hear are crickets?????   It is time to update your Business Portrait. Don’t know how?   Well, I am glad you asked!  Let’s get into it!


This is Matt G.   Matt G. is a hotshot executive sales person.  As a matter of fact, he is so hot, I had to get my wide angle lens out to get his big arrogant head in the frame!!!!   I jest! I jest!  I love this guy, so I am allowed to poke a little fun at him.

The New Business Portrait

In all seriousness, Matt approached me asking about updated head shots.  You see, he is a sales guy, and he knows appearance plays a big part in business.  That may not be what everyone wants to hear, but unfortunately it is true.  Matt often speaks to large groups and has to feature a picture of himself during presentations.  He was looking to unite these down to a few head shots he could rotate through and still get some familiarity between them.  He wanted to be recognizable to his potential clients!  He really is quite a smart guy!


Matt was also going to be meeting many new people and potential business connections at a large conference. This was the perfect time to put this strategy into place.  That is where we come in!  There are many other guys like Matt, that want more than just an iPhone snap of them standing against a beige wall.  They are seeking something more memorable, yet very professional at the same time.   I wanted to help him get that.

We scheduled an hour to do a few quick shots near my office.  It was so windy outside that day, we had to get creative to make sure we had some good shots in the short amount of time that we had.  I am actually editing a video of our shoot and will have it available for you to view very soon.

As far as the technical photography goes, I went with the usual when it comes to equipment.  I carried both my DSLR and my mirrorless camera.  I used two of my old manual focus lenses, the Nikon Series E 50mm 1.8 and the Canon FD 50mm 1.8.  I had one each camera.  I shot all photos in manual mode on my DSLR and in Aperture Priority mode on my mirrorless.   I shot everything in RAW format to protect me from myself!  I already have some head shot locations scouted around me.  I can get to them all within a few minutes.  We started at my office with a few indoor shots.  We did  a few in the DIY studio and a few in the ancient Bolt Manor.  I had the lights all setup ahead of time so we could get our quick shots. Then we headed out to the great outdoors for a few more.

The Executive Portrait

My soon to be released video will explain more of the photographic details.  In the meantime, I challenge you to find an up and coming executive and take some headshots.  I challenge you to spend no more than 30 minutes shooting the photos and no more than 15 minutes editing the photos.  That is 45 minutes to produce 5 headshots for your executive.   I like to call this the $50 headshot.  I think you as a budding photographer can make a few extra bucks shooting these, while learning a great deal.  Don’t think you can do it?  I bet you can, you just need to have a good plan.

Matt was happy with his business portraits.  Now he has more than five shots he can use in his presentations, his LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, and can even list them on his company’s website when they reference him.

I will update a link when the video is posted.  Look for a video series that will feature my friend Matt. I will cover every aspect of the product from shooting to editing to delivery to sending your client a thank you note.  Now get out there and show them what you’ve got!

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