Should I Try Panoramic Portraits?

I did a little more experimenting on my last senior picture shoot.  I was with a great kid that wanted a few pictures in his local basketball gymnasium.  My first thought was “Great, everyone knows how horrible the light is in a gym so I will need to find a way to power through this […]

Is It Worth Shooting In This Weather?

Now that the winter is coming, people often ask if it is worth shooting in the overcast blah light.  My short answer, of course it is! The overcast weather is just built in soft light!  The clouds will act as a giant diffuser, so there is no need to go running towards the shade.  You […]

The Three Light DIY Studio

Is the weather too bad to shoot outdoors? Ever wanted your own photography studio? Well it is easier than you think. You can setup your own home studio in a small space for well under $100. Check out this video that I created that documents my DIY studio build in my garage. You can adapt […]

What is coming up at DIY Portrait?

We have a lot of great things planned at  We are in the process of building some amazing content to help you get the most out of your portraits.  First, we plan to highlight and interview some great portrait photographers.  This we feel will help all of us learn how to become better portrait […]

What Are The Best Portrait Lenses?

When it comes to taking great portraits, equipment does matter!  It does not have to necessarily be expensive equipment, but you will need certain equipment to get a good portrait look. If you know anything about me, you know I favor old manual focus lenses.  aka lens hacking….  But I am actually considering buying a […]

Website Changes Are Here!

This week we are taking a little time to update our website.  I would love to hear some feedback about the changes.  We hope we have made it easier for you to maneuver through our website. Since we will be spending extra time on the changes, we are not releasing a new article this week.  […]

Improve Your Photography By Learning To See Light

One of the most powerful tools you will use as a portrait photographer is your ability to see different light situations.  Just being aware of these situations will give you the photography advantage over many other people. We talk about two very basic types of light when it comes to outdoor portrait photography.  Those light […]

Editing Your DIY Portrait in Adobe Lightroom Part 2

Welcome back! We are glad you are here. As we discussed in part 1, Adobe Lightroom is a very powerful easy to use professional photo editing software. If you are serious about your portrait photography, I highly recommend you make the investment in the software. At the time of this writing you can can the […]

Editing Your DIY Portrait in Adobe Lightroom Part 1

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful, professional photo editing tool that is easy to use.  If you are at all serious about your portraits, I suggest you use Lightroom to edit your photos.  Over the next few weeks we will be making some videos to show you how to edit your photos in Lightroom. To start […]

Free Seven Day DIY Portrait Email Course!

Are you just getting started taking portraits of your loved ones?  Do you need help?  We have created a free mini email course just for you! Sign up below for free. With our DIYPortrait email course, we will send you a new short lesson every day for seven days! In these daily lessons we cover […]