Raw files Coming to Apple’s IOS?

I was catching up on my podcasts this morning when I heard that raw editing will be available in Apple’s IOS 10.

This to me sounds like a big step forward for mobile editing.

Some of you may be asking, what is raw editing? Let’s start at the beginning.  Many cameras will have the ability to store different kinds of files when you take a photo.  Those options are usually different sized jpg files or a raw file.

Jpg files are a compressed photo format. If you choose to take your photos in jpg format, your photo will leave the sensor and hit the jpg processor, be compressed, or made smaller (file size, not necessarily pixel dimensions) to save space.  Most cameras default to shooting in this mode.  You can then move your photos to your computer and they can be recognized by almost all photo applications.

Raw files are uncompressed files straight from the sensor.  When you set your camera to capture raw files the file information is received from the sensor and stored directly to a file without making it smaller.

What are the advantages of each?  Below are just a few…

Advantages of jpg format

1) Widely recognized by many kinds software
2) Smaller file size takes up less space
3) Almost everyone knows what they are

Advantages of a Raw file

1) Uncompressed format, all photo detail is still in the file, none is removed
2) You can adjust some camera settings in software on your computer, ie white balance and exposure
3) You can produce higher quality images

Here are a few disadvantages of each….

Disadvantages of jpg format

1) They are compressed which can create artifacts or digital funkiness in your photos
2) Detail is lost in the compression process
3) It is possible that more artifacts can be introduced in the editing process

Disadvantages of Raw files

1) No real open standard file format, each manufacturer uses their own.
2) Not all raw files are recognized by software you own
3) They take up much more space. In other words the file size is much larger.

Now that we have the raw overview finished, let’s scratch the surface on why this announcement could be a big deal.

What this means for you.  If you shoot in raw, it could now be possible for you to edit your photos on your tablet.  Don’t get me wrong, this will all take some time to develop.  Let’s say you love editing in
Snapseed.  If you have read anything on this site, you know I think Snapseed is  the best mobile
editing software that is available.  What if you could now adjust your white balance, exposure, etc without losing file detail?  That would be so awesome!  Not familiar with Snapseed?  Check it out in your app store.

The problem will most likely be having a tablet powerful enough to make these edits.  We will see what the future brings.  It is an exciting time to be in photography!  A lot is changing!

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