Editing Your DIY Portrait in Adobe Lightroom Part 2

Welcome back! We are glad you are here. As we discussed in part 1, Adobe Lightroom is a very powerful easy to use professional photo editing software. If you are serious about your portrait photography, I highly recommend you make the investment in the software. At the time of this writing you can can the […]

Editing Your DIY Portrait in Adobe Lightroom Part 1

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful, professional photo editing tool that is easy to use.  If you are at all serious about your portraits, I suggest you use Lightroom to edit your photos.  Over the next few weeks we will be making some videos to show you how to edit your photos in Lightroom. To start […]

The Unique Portrait

Sometimes you not want what we would call a normal portrait.  Sometimes you may want to express your artistic vision.  As seen in this picture, this kid wanted this shot in her portfolio.  This was not easy to setup and it required us to go to a special location to get the shot.  When you […]