Get A Real Job With The Right Business/Executive Portrait

So you have been trying for that dream job for a couple of years now and all you hear are crickets?????   It is time to update your Business Portrait. Don’t know how?   Well, I am glad you asked!  Let’s get into it!   This is Matt G.   Matt G. is a hotshot […]

Posing the Face

One useful tool to have in your DIY bag of tricks is to know how to pose a face.  Unfortunately, this is not as easy as at it would seem and often times makes your senior feel a bit weird.  It seems that everyone has a little flaw that they don’t to show up in […]

Is It Worth Shooting In This Weather?

Now that the winter is coming, people often ask if it is worth shooting in the overcast blah light.  My short answer, of course it is! The overcast weather is just built in soft light!  The clouds will act as a giant diffuser, so there is no need to go running towards the shade.  You […]

What Are The Best Portrait Lenses?

When it comes to taking great portraits, equipment does matter!  It does not have to necessarily be expensive equipment, but you will need certain equipment to get a good portrait look. If you know anything about me, you know I favor old manual focus lenses.  aka lens hacking….  But I am actually considering buying a […]

Free Seven Day DIY Portrait Email Course!

Are you just getting started taking portraits of your loved ones?  Do you need help?  We have created a free mini email course just for you! Sign up below for free. With our DIYPortrait email course, we will send you a new short lesson every day for seven days! In these daily lessons we cover […]

How You Can Take A Better Portrait Of Your Child

Taking child portraits will be covered a lot on our website.  Photographing my children is the number one reason why I got into photography, now I just can’t stop! Many of us want better pictures of our children. We want something to look back on as they grow up.  I try to make it a […]

Panoramic Portraits

Here is a sneak peek of a project that is included in the soon to be released video course.  In the course we show you how to create and edit a unique panoramic portrait step by step.  I have to say that when I first saw this, I thought it was a bit gimmicky.  I […]

DIY Portraits With Your Smartphone–How To Video Basics

Hi! We created a short video for you to explain how to take portraits with your smartphone. Check it out below.     Here are the tools we used in this video:   1) A Smartphone tripod adapter   2) A Bluetooth remote 3) Here are all of the things you need in one package

The Black and White Portrait

I absolutely love black and white images.  I love them so much, I tend to over use them.  I am always reminding myself to “slow it down big D, limit the black and white ones to the ones you really like for more impact”  By the way, one of my sons has taken a liking […]

The Unique Portrait

Sometimes you not want what we would call a normal portrait.  Sometimes you may want to express your artistic vision.  As seen in this picture, this kid wanted this shot in her portfolio.  This was not easy to setup and it required us to go to a special location to get the shot.  When you […]