You Can Use ANY Camera to Take a Portrait

It is true, you can use any camera to take a portrait.  In this video, we buy a thrift store camera for $3 and take a portrait.  Then we show you how we do some basic adjustments in Adobe Lightroom.  The important lesson here is to not let lack of fancy equipment get in the […]

How to get a blurry background with a point and shoot camera

Hello all!  We have made another quick tip video for you!  You know you want that awesome blurry background look! It is not as hard as you might think. In this video we show you how you can get a blurry background with a point and shoot camera.  Check out the video below for the […]

Improve Your Photography By Learning To See Light

One of the most powerful tools you will use as a portrait photographer is your ability to see different light situations.  Just being aware of these situations will give you the photography advantage over many other people. We talk about two very basic types of light when it comes to outdoor portrait photography.  Those light […]

Editing Your DIY Portrait in Adobe Lightroom Part 2

Welcome back! We are glad you are here. As we discussed in part 1, Adobe Lightroom is a very powerful easy to use professional photo editing software. If you are serious about your portrait photography, I highly recommend you make the investment in the software. At the time of this writing you can can the […]

Editing Your DIY Portrait in Adobe Lightroom Part 1

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful, professional photo editing tool that is easy to use.  If you are at all serious about your portraits, I suggest you use Lightroom to edit your photos.  Over the next few weeks we will be making some videos to show you how to edit your photos in Lightroom. To start […]

Free Seven Day DIY Portrait Email Course!

Are you just getting started taking portraits of your loved ones?  Do you need help?  We have created a free mini email course just for you! Sign up below for free. With our DIYPortrait email course, we will send you a new short lesson every day for seven days! In these daily lessons we cover […]

How To Drastically Improve Your Photos!

One way of drastically improving your portraits is to use a portable reflector.  You will be amazed at how well adding a little additional light will improve your photography.  What is really cool about these portable reflectors is that they are sooooo cheap! We made a short video for you below to show you how […]

DIY Portraits With Your Smartphone–How To Video Basics

Hi! We created a short video for you to explain how to take portraits with your smartphone. Check it out below.     Here are the tools we used in this video:   1) A Smartphone tripod adapter   2) A Bluetooth remote 3) Here are all of the things you need in one package